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DIY 1up Mushroom Plush

I’ve been told a few times over the years to “get

DIY Member Berries Plush

If you’ve seen the latest season of South Park (and if

DIY Minecraft Creeper Plush

Download the DIY Minecraft Creeper Plush Layout Ok, so this isn’t

How to make Pacman and Ghost plush toys

Why a Pacman plush? When rolis1108 suggested I make a Pacman

How to make a plush Bob-Omb – Super Mario Bros

Shortly after I made my plush chewbacca domo, I devised a

How to make a Chewbacca Domo

Of all the things I’ve made on my channel to date,

[Sneakpeek] Chewy Domo

Of all the things I’ve made on this channel so far,

In which I’m a witch doctor

This is really the start of what I’d call my “nerd