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Shortly after I made my plush chewbacca domo, I devised a plan to make another plush (Thanks to a suggestion from Ashe2342. However coming up with a pattern took a fair amount of time, hence the Boba Fett Pumpkin.

Once I had my initial pattern complete, I went about my usual process. Cut out all the pieces, stitch them all together and film the entire process for your enjoyment once it’s all complete.

Normally this works well. However this time, it turned into a bit of a disaster. I finally finished putting the whole plush together, and lo and behold, it looked like it had itself a stroke.

I’m a difficult one to slow down once I’ve got an idea in my head that I just KNOW will work if I do it right. I set about correcting the defects I found in my last attempt.

No white ring around the top. This keeps it from looking like it’s got a swelled brain. Mucho bigger feet; Which keeps it from looking like it’s been amputated, and finally, pre-space the eyes. It might have been ok, if not for my ability to locate the right spot for the eyes.. poor original Bob-Omb.

The only real thing going for him is that his coat is shiny and soft. But I’m much more fond of the updated, and less derpy version you see today.

If you enjoy this video, and would like to see how I did any of the sections (In case you’d like to have your own), please check out my tutorial playlist.

There’s 13 different video’s to watch, so feel free to skim through, and just check out the area’s that you’d like to see in a lot more detail.