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This is really the start of what I’d call my “nerd crafting”. It took me a night (might have been 2, I can’t remember for sure) to cut out the felt, and another night of stitching to put it all together. I eyeballed pretty much the entire doll, so there’s no hope of getting pattern out of this one later. Not that it turned out quite the way I wanted anyways (Face turned out way derpier than I hoped for).

The mask I was wearing was made out of a cardboard sheet that I cut out, and added a couple of grass skirts from a dollar store and stapled a string to the back to hold it onto my head. I wasn’t wearing a shirt under it, so it would look “authentic”. I think I managed to hide my unsightly bits pretty well.

I actually have a LOT more footage of me shaking my proverbial bon-bon, but fortunately (for all involved) I only needed to use a few minutes of it once the crafting section of the video had been sliced and put together.

As for things that I think I’ve improved since then, there’s a few. I try to make the screen a whole lot less tilty, the audio doesn’t pop (this video was “better”, but still had some popping on the left hand side) and the cutting for talking tends to be a great deal tighter.