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  1. the things you make are so cool and I would like to see if you are the best of the best to see if you can make an assassin’s blade

  2. Where did you design the template for sting? Which program? How you trace the image and cut the shape piece by piece before printed?

    • allhailskippy said:

      I spent some time looking at images trying to figure out how the pieces should fit together. Then made the basic idea with paper and pen.

      Once I thought I had a good rough design, I again used some images that I opened in pixelmator (basic image editor on a mac.. functionally somewhere between mspaint and photoshop) to come up with the outlines that matched my paper design.

      I didn’t do any tracing though.. It was strictly designed digitally.

      I also made 2 swords. The first one was a test run to see how all the pieces fit together. I then made some minor tweaks to my pattern, and the video shows the second attempt.

  3. said:

    Hi. Where is the Jim Hensen stich link? Thanks

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