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How to make Pacman and Ghost plush toys

Why a Pacman plush? When rolis1108 suggested I make a Pacman

Crafty Donut

Better the devil you know than the devil you.. donut. Oh

How to make Sting from The Hobbit

When I was just a wee lad in day care, the

Daffy Mogwai and Gandalf the grey

POP Movies Vinyl The Hobbit: GandalfNeca Gremlins Mogwais Series 2 Daffy

Bacon Bacon Bacon

We got our first suggestion! After 12 videos, we finally had

Cylon Raider Papercraft – Battlestar Galactica

When looking for a Battlestar Galactica themed craft, I originally thought

Norman Rockwell Coke Puzzle

I was out of ideas when I did this video, so