How to make Sting from The Hobbit

When I was just a wee lad in day care, the people who ran the place read used to read to us. And one of the things they read, and the only one that I really remember was the Hobbit.

I remember this because one of the people who was there would also spend part of the day sketching out a character from the book and then giving it to one of the kids to take home. The characters seemed to come alive on the page. Gollum, and Gandalf and Bilbo Bagginses precious.

So when it was suggested by zachbrewer19 that I make Sting from the Hobbit, I started to come up with a plan to build my very own piece of the story.

I have seen a couple other swords made out of foam board and tape, so I decided to try my hand at designing a pattern that was simple enough to put together, and would still look pretty cool once it was done.

Originally it was my intent to use the stickers to do the curly pattern while spray painting, however that failed pretty miserably. The paint just went under the sticker and made a mess. Which is why in the pattern now you’ll just see the curly bits. Also, the handle turned out pretty rough, which is why I’ve got a decal for there as well. And of course, they didn’t stick as well (read: at all), so I ended up using crazy glue to permanently attach them.

The glow of course is special effects. Not that it would ever actually glow, since you know, there’s no such things as orcs.

All in all I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, and since I already had the spray paint, this was a pretty cheap project to make.

If you’d like to see the raw footage sped up to a total of 5 minutes, check out the video below:

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