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We got our first suggestion! After 12 videos, we finally had enough of a following to get someone to engage with us! Not only 1, but 2 actual suggestions! I’ve had many more since then (mostly involving stuff to make), but the validation involved with getting a complete stranger interested enough to want to see more was pretty darn cool.

Because I like bacon and because I like reddit, I decided to make a bacon narwhal. All in all, I think it turned out pretty ok. Not the best thing I’ve ever made, but it turned out pretty tasty.

At the beginning of the video it says “That’s PS Drinking Game! Take a drink every time I say Bacon”. I count 21 bacons. If you took a drink every time I said bacon, you should be drunk by now.

There’s 2 pretty obvious homages to some YouTubers in this video. The entire video is shot ala Hanna Heart from My Drunk Kitchen (not to mention the beer being drunk during the cooking) and at the very end, I use FPS Russia’s tagline “Have nice day”.

I asked Shawn to get me something I could “show on the internet”. Well I “could” show more on the internet, but I’ve got a kid who watches my show, so I like to keep it pretty PG.

I started tweaking the end credits part this video. Instead of just having a blank screen with previous and next video, I added a link to the last video and a link to Shawns channel. When we shot the clip of Shawn holding the paper, we did it with no writing on it, so I could add text in post. It turns out that was a tad above my skillset when I made this, so the text doesn’t “quite” line up with the paper. I did time it so that Shawn gave it a funny look near the end.

New to the shelf:
Dragon Poster
A few more M.U.S.C.L.E men