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Gandalf the Grey
POP Movies Vinyl The Hobbit: Gandalf
Daffy MogwaiNeca Gremlins Mogwais Series 2 Daffy

I’ve acquired a few new toys for the ever expanding toy shelf this week. One I’ve been waiting a while for it to come out, and the other was a complete surprise when I saw it in the store.

I knew there was going to be some new figures from gremlins 2 coming out, so I grabbed a daffy figure when I saw it. Unfortunately it lost a hand during packaging, and I didn’t realize until after I opened it, so Daffy’s going to be a bit of a defect from the start. Which if you’ve seen the movie, isn’t far from the mark anyways.

I was going to get a mohawk Mogwai, but once I saw how it looked in person, I wasn’t overly impressed. The mohawk was pretty straggly looking, and it really took away from the overall look of it.

The one that surprised me was the Gandalf figure. Normally the pop toys look pretty lame, but not so with the Gandalf. It looks so neat. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Hobbit when it comes out, although I have no idea how they’re going to split it into 3 parts. I’ve also heard that they added some female characters that weren’t in the book to give it a better gender ratio.. so we’ll see how that goes. I really enjoyed the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I’ll give Peter Jackson the benefit of the doubt with the Hobbit. I do find it strange that each of the LotR books had it’s own movie, and the Hobbit is going to get 3 by itself, since the Hobbit’s only a fraction of the size of the other books. Not that I’m complaining though, more middle earth for me 😀