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Download Final Fantasy Perler Bead Character Pattern

It was christmas of 88′ and I opened a video game that will have such a profound impact on me that will not only define the type of games I play, but will still be enjoyable 24 years later. That game was Final Fantasy.

I had seen it advertised in Nintendo Power during the year, and had asked my parents for it as soon as I saw ads for it. Unfortunately my young self made the (sadly incorrect) assumption that since there was 4 characters on the left, that naturally I would be able to play with 3 of my friends. Assuming I could find 3 friends to play Nintendo with me that was.

Unfortunately the adapter I got that same christmas that let me plug up to 4 NES controllers in at the same time wasn’t nearly as useful as I thought it was going to be (I played super spike v’ball some, until some jerk at my school stole it from my backpack). That, and I can’t actually imagine that 3 other people would get the same entertainment value of level grinding when only 1 person could drive the non-fight scenes.

Since then I’ve played my fair share of RPG’s, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the first. I had actually received a perler bead black mage back in high school from a friend, and have kept it around ever since. The picture you see is the one I got from her, not one I made myself.

I have actually had these made since shortly after I made the Nintendo Controller Business Card Holder and have finally gotten around to making the pictures and patterns available.

So, if you have a fond memory or two of the original Final Fantasy, or you just think they look cool. Feel free to print a pattern out, and make your very own perler bead characters and do with them what you will.

Me, I decided to make mine fridge magnets by using some hobby glue to stick some strip magnets to the back of them.