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I’ve started a fairly ambitious project. My end game isn’t 100% finalized yet, but to get where I’m going I’ve decided I want to learn how to create perler bead animations. My test subject; Super Mario Bros. I really feel this game is a great choice for my project since it’s got a fairly limited set of sprites to work with, a smallish set of colors, and it’s super well recognized.

Initially I’d planned to make them using what I normally use to edit my videos, Final Cut Pro X. However, it became pretty clear right away that this was not going to work for anything beyond super simple animations. So I did a bit of looking, and decided to try my hand at learning Motion 5. It seemed like a good place to start, since it seems to be similar to FCPX, but be much more suited to creating motion graphics.

So off I went, and I have now got a rudimentary idea of how Motion 5 works. I’m a LONG way from being a pro, and it might turn out that it’s the wrong tool for the job in the end. But for now, I’m gonna keep plugging away at this, and see how it goes.