Bel-Air Beat Poet

When I started That’s PS! It was supposed to be a weekly video where myself and Shawn challenged each other to do something. And although that’s not how thing have ended up, it was a great way to motivate me to put “something” out each week and really force myself to learn something, finish and move on.

We weren’t looking for perfection for the first video. Just something that was made to the best of our current abilities, and I think that this fit the bill nicely.

This is the first video I made that I didn’t think was completely horrible. It’s still pretty bad, but I felt like I was on the right side of the learning curve.

It’s got multiple cuts, some picture in picture, and a fancy filter and everything. OK, so it’s not the next James Cameron movie, but it’s a start.

I hope you enjoy this in the spirit in which it was made.


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