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Only a few of my videos have allowed me to both make something, and then consume it later. Bacon bacon bacon was great for that too, but I didn’t get the chance to share that with friends the way I did with this.

As often happens, this video took a bit longer than I expected it to, couple of hours over 2 days, but the results were completely worth it. The vodka turned out fantastic. We mixed a half jar (about 3oz) of vodka and a bottle of sparkling water for a super delicious drink.

I would recommend all of the flavours, but I found the green and the purple were my personal favourites. You definitely want to stay away from making a “mixed” flavour. I tried putting all of the different flavours into a single jar, and it looked gross, and wasn’t particularly fine on the pallet.

There was a lot of “firsts” from this video. It was the first time I used a stop motion technique (which I later figured out how to do a great deal simpler). It was my first “how to” style video. It was also the first of any of my videos to break the 1,000 view mark. Which brought with it both our first comment (from an actual stranger) and our first dislike; I suppose you can’t please everybody. Perhaps they didn’t like the fact that I only got one audio channel working. At least it didn’t make popping noises this time.

Something I’ve seen since I made this video was the idea of using a well cleaned coffee machine to do the filtering for you. I’d highly recommend doing it this way. The most difficult part was getting the vodka to properly strain while using the funnel. My fingers got stained, and it was generally a pain in the backside. Using a coffee maker should make that whole process super simple and gives you an easy way to pour the vodka into the mason jars after you’re done straining them.

A word of warning: Make sure to store these in glass containers (I used mason jars). If you DO use plastic, make sure it’s the same kind as the liquor store uses so it’s treated correctly and doesn’t leach plastic flavour into your drink.

One of the biggest things I noticed this video was the lack of background music. Now that I’ve been using it, it just seems so empty sounding without it. I also pointed a great deal. So much pointing. I don’t do that anymore. It’s strange looking.

Post credits I eat all the leftover skittles and try and say “Taste the rainbow”. You would be surprised how long it takes to actually chew a cup of skittles. My jaw left achin’.

New to the shelf:
Mario figures – Yoshi, Bob-omb, Bullet Bill, Mario & Luigi
Mr Noise – Red guy with a bell
Pluto – As in mickey and pluto
Baby Fozzy and Baby animal riding gonzo’s tricycle – 90s McDonalds toys
Harry potter doll – Definitely not official
Mike and the Abominable Snowman – Monsters Inc
M.U.S.C.L.E Men
Thundercats poster – Not really on the shelf, but it was new


Jolly Rancher