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Every now and then Shawn gets an idea to make some money that ends up with him having cool stuff at his house. This time around it was cherry picking Value Villages for their cool stuff, and flipping it on Ebay and running a flea market booth. This is how we ended up with a 20lb bag of lego to play with.

You get to see my daughter and Nadine (Shawn’s wife) for the first time in this video, although not for a lot of it. They had a fun time building race cars with us too. I don’t remember who built the house (I think it was Nadine) but it performed WAY better than I expected it to. I figured it’d just tip over. Although it didn’t win any land speed records, it did make it all the way to the bottom of our makeshift ramp.

Once all our cars were built, we decided to show them off, but didn’t have anything really suitable. So we stuck them on the record player. I think that it turned out pretty darn well all things considered. I was quite pleased with the way the music turned out this episode. I really think it added to the feel of the video. Particularly the change at 1:24.

This wasn’t so much a “challenge” as us having fun with lego. It was supposed to be a group challenge, but that idea went out the window pretty quickly. The original thought was that we’d each take the same footage from filming, and then cut it up our own ways, coming up with 2 different versions of the same event. Which seems like a neat idea in theory, but in practice we would have ended up with basically the same video each time. It’s probably for the best that we didn’t do that in the long run.

I’m not sure who said it but “I need a big doo-hickey on the front” got us all a big laugh while we made our cars.

I definitely started to get the hang of cutting my talking bits better than previous videos, but hadn’t figured out how to prevent the “popping” every now and then in the audio yet. Also, the camera’s still tilty. Took me a long while to fix all the things I didn’t like, but I’m definitely glad I did.