Electric race car track

When I was little, I remember having an electric racecar set. I remember playing with it a bit, but only for a little while. I don’t remember if I stopped playing with it because it was frustrating, or if it got put away and pushed along. Either way, when I saw this track in my local thrift store I had to try it out. It had everything; A real deluxe version. 60ft of track with loop-de-loops, cross overs, multi-levels, a hairpin turn and a part that went up the wall. And at a paltry $15, how could my inner child resist?

We spent a good chunk of the night just setting the track up. Pieces didn’t go where we thought they would. The set was definitely short a few of the 60ft the box promised. But with thrift store stuff, that’s to be expected. We even worked into the next day to get it all set up and running.

Unfortunately, the crossover piece didn’t work with the cars we were using. They kept getting stuck in the gap. So those got taken out pretty quickly. It was also missing the pieces that supported the wall rider. But we would not be dismayed.

We set up the track as you saw it, and although it took awhile to get the track clean enough to run an entire lap (we did this by waiting until it got stuck, and then running the car back and forth over that spot until it was “clean”). We managed to get the whole thing running smooth.

What you see in the video is the best run we made. It got a full 3 laps before it fell off. And oh man did that car fall off a lot. Take a corner to fast, and off it went. I’m surprised I managed to make it as many as I did.

We played around with it a bunch off camera, but once was enough. It was a pain to put together. It was a pain to use, and generally speaking, it wasn’t as much fun as my nostalgia remembers. Fortunately I found someone who was interested in the kit, and they paid me the $15 I paid the thrift store, so in the end it worked out all right.

As for the rest of the video, I definitely did a lot more talking about stuff that people really aren’t all that interested in than I do now. But then again at that point, I was definitely doing more of a vlog style video than I do now too.

If you look closely, there’s a domo on the shelf. I got that when I took my daughter to Canada’s Wonderland. It turns out I’m extremely good at the water shooting game. You know the one. Where everybody aims for a target, and when the water starts coming out, you keep hitting the target until you fill something up. I played it twice when I was there, and hit the target right as soon as the water started coming out, and didn’t miss any both times. So I got a brown domo, and my daughter got a karate domo. Fun times.

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