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What you’ll need to make the boo plush

4 pieces of felt, 2 white, one red and one black. I was pretty tight on white felt, so you may want to get a third sheet just in case.

You’ll need velcro, I used sticky back round pieces. Scissors, Needle and thread, a bunch of stuffing and a hot glue gun.

Cut one of the white sheets in half

Then cut the sides of boo out. They should look like 2 bubbly quotes

Out of the other white sheet, cut a piece that looks like a leaf. Mine was too wide, and I had to make it thinner later. I also cut the tip of one end off.

Cut out the top of boo’s tail out of the scraps.

Cut a small rectangle, then line it up with the top of the tail piece, and make into a trapezoid.

Lastly for boo’s body, you’ll need to cut his wings out of the leftovers. I cut two triangles, and then cut the sides off the triangles, so it looks like a house. You’ll need two of these, the same size.

Time to sew one side of boo to the center piece. Line up the point of the leaf shaped piece with the tip of the tail, and start sewing along the bottom of boo along the entire side of the leaf. Stop when you reach the flattened portion of the leaf piece.

At this point I had to cut down the width of my leaf shaped piece. If you already did this earlier, then you shouldn’t need to do this.

Stitch the other side of boo the same way you did the first piece. Line up the tail, and stitch until you hit the flat part of the leaf piece.

Line up the pointed end on the tail, and stitch the top of boo’s tail on.

Finally for the last piece of the main body, sew the rectangle on 3 sides leaving the part that attaches to the leaf shaped piece open for now.

Flip boo inside out through the hole you left so he can get some wings and then stuffed. Proper stuffed.

Fold the wing so that the sides of the “house” are touching, and sew the side together. Fill with a bit of stuffing, and then stitch up the bottom. Repeat for the other wing.

Attach the wing near the front of the body, so that that the tip of the wing ends up near the middle of the face. Repeat on the other side. Make sure the long part of the wing is up. I did it wrong on mine and had to take it apart and re-stitch it later.

Time to get stuffing. Put the stuffing in a small ball at a time through the whole where you turned boo inside out. Start with the tail until it’s the shape you want, and continue to fill until you’re happy with the shape and density.

Once your boo is full, stitch the hole up.

That’s it for the body parts. Time to give boo a face.

Cut a rectangle with rounded corners out of red. It should be a bit wider on top than it is on the bottom. This is for his mouth.

Cut out a couple of eyes from your black felt

Cut out an arch for eyebrows. I cut out two here, but they were WAY too big. I cut one in half later for the right size

Lining up the last of your scraps with the mouth, cut it the same width as the mouth, and then as high as you want the teeth to be.

Fold this piece in half, and cut out two teeth. the one on the outside should be a bit bigger than the one on the inside. This will make two big outer teeth, and two smaller inner teeth that are about the same size. Clean them up so they’re nice and smooth.

Get your hot glue gun ready, it’s time to wrap this boo-by up.

Glue the mouth on. Glue the teeth on. And some eyes. And finally the eyebrows

Lastly it’s time to put the velcro on

Put one of the circles underneath one of the eyes, just to the inside. Then line up the tip of the wing, and put on the other piece.

Repeat this for the other wing.

And we’re done. Hope you enjoy your new boo plush toy!